Sit back, relax and unwind with one of our revitalising facials. You'll leave with your skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.

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Crystal Clear Signature Hands on Facials

Pick-Me-Up Facial

A quick treat for your skin and mind. Treat your face to a cleanse, steam, exfoliation, mask and moisturiser. Skin will be glowing and renewed!

£28 - 30mins

Flawless Filter

For oily, combination, congested, open pores & acne prone skin. This unique treatment acts on the alpha redactor enzyme to reduce the excess sebum associated with acne prone skin, making it an excellent management treatment. The active ingredients used, help to reduce the inflammation and diminish bacteria to improve the acne condition.

£57 -1hr

Red Carpet Skin

For pigmented, dull and uneven skin tones. An excellent treatment to 'kick start' the most tired and dull looking skin, breathing life back into your complexion. It is the perfect choice to improve sun-damaged, dehydrated and ageing skin types.

£70 - 1hr

Chopstick Facial

Using the 'Wand' combined with Hyaluronic serum our unique chopstick facial will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Clinically proven to hydrate the skin by 211%, to firm and lift the skin by 45% and to reduce lines and wrinkles by 27%.

£60 - 1hr

Botox in a Bottle

The effective intensive treatment breathes life back into your complexion. Giving an instant lift, it is the perfect choice to improve sun-damaged, dehydrated and ageing skin types, but also acts as a preventative treatment for the younger clientele. A total treatment for eyes, face and neck.

£60 - 1hr

Camera Ready Skin

This repairing facial is designed for skin that needs that little bit more. This intensive facial combats the signs of ageing and replenishes dry and especially menopausal skin, bringing back clarity, firmness and hydration.

£65 - 1hr