Nail Treatments

Get your nails looking incredible with our selection of fingernail and toenail treatments. Whether you're getting your nails done for a special occasion or need a top up, we have the treatment for you.

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SBD London Gel

Lasting up to 3 weeks. Free removal when removing our own product and replacing with a fresh set. An additional £5 will be added when removing product that isn't ours.

SBD London Gel Fingers


SBD London Gel Toes


SBD London Gel Fingers (+soak off)


SBD London Gel Toes (+soak off)


Gel Removal & Tidy


Gel Nail Repair

From £1.50 per nail

Nail Art or Glitter (2-4 Fingers)


Nail Art or Glitter (5-10 Fingers)


Manicures & Pedicures

All our manicures and pedicures use a luxury range of anti-aging products to improve the feel and appearance of the skin on your hands and feet.

Finger Nail Cut & Shape


Finger Nail Shape & Polish


Finger Nail Shape & French Polish


Express Manicure with Infinite Shine


Nourishing Spa Manicure


Nourishing Luxury Spa Manicure


Toe Nail Cut & Shape


Toe Nail Shape & Polish


Toe Nail Shape & French Polish


Nourishing Spa Pedicure

£39 with gel
£45 with callus peel

Nourishing Luxury Spa Pedicure

£43 with gel